nexusSIM aims to propel public-interest research by connecting scientists and scholars to cutting-edge computational and data-science tools and expertise. We collaborate with clients to deliver leading computational and data-science solutions that are customized, timely, and affordable.

Solutions In Mind (SIM)

There is a growing demand for computational and data-science methods in public interest research. However, the mix of forms of expertise needed creates barriers. Researchers are left on their own to recruit and collaborate with multiple specialized experts in order to apply these methods to their own data.

By offering a range of services to help academics and policy leaders achieve their computational and data-science goals, nexusSIM aims to solve this problem. We work with you to amplify your impact and simplify your research process.

The problem

Academics and policy leaders want to use computational and software intensive solutions, and finding a technical expert, vetting them, communicating the goals of the project, and then following through is a tough process.

The solution

nexusSIM offers a range of services to make academics’ and policy leaders' computational goals easily achievable. With a long history of applying computational methods to all sorts of problems, we can connect scholars to the technical expertise they need, and can oversee the solution building to achieve the desired outcomes.
Work with us

nexusSIM was launched by the Center for Mind and Culture (CMAC), a nonprofit research institute that builds tools and teams to tackle complex problems.

nexusSIM works with researchers, developers, and organizations outside of the CMAC network to:

  • make powerful computational simulations and ML apps
  • build bespoke analytics and decision-support solutions
  • create translational research plans for social science researchers
  • forge links between researchers, stakeholders, and change agents
  • amplify the impact of research

We have an extensive background in the humanities, social sciences, and technical computational methods. With our network of experts and developers, we are able to offer insights and technical expertise to researchers.