Connecting researchers with impactful computational tools

The nexusSIM process is collaborative. Researchers are involved every step of the way, choosing and guiding the outputs. We connect scholars and researchers with emerging developers, data scientists, and simulation experts to create simulations, verify models, run data analysis, perform natural language processing, and more.

These computational methods are highly specialized, and the most appropriate solution will vary depending on the current stage of the project and desired outcomes. A single project may require one service, a series of services within the same process, or a mix of services.

Amplify your impact and simplify your research process with nexusSIM

There is a growing demand for computational and data-science methods in public-interest research. nexusSIM offers a range of services to help academics achieve their computational and data-science goals. We connect researchers to the technical expertise they need and oversee the building process to achieve desired outcomes.

If you conduct public-interest research, we have the expertise you need ready and waiting.

Modeling & simulation

  • Conceptual modeling
  • Model specification
  • Building a model skeleton
  • Filling in the gaps in a model
  • Model verification and validation
  • Iterative development
  • Agent-based and system dynamics modeling

Data analytics

  • Correlational analysis, principal component analysis, and regression analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing or document analysis
  • Simulation output analysis
  • Data dashboard and exploration tools

Custom software solutions

The best solution for your data entry or data collection process might be too complex to be reduced to a simple survey. We can create a customized solution with whatever specialized logic is needed to make the most efficient and pleasant workflow.