Data Services

Data Analytics

Any dataset that can be separated into independent variables and dependent variables can easily be analyzed on several levels. We can perform correlational analysis, principal component analysis, regression analysis (multiple regression, moderation, mediation, AN(C)OVA), and machine learning.

nexusSIM can also perform natural language processing, including:

  • Generating a vectorized form of a document and/or individual words, which can be used for analysis as well as model inputs to train a model to predict something The vectorization involve topics/themes from LIWC, N-grams (groups of N consecutive word lemmas), and Word2Vec
  • Generating GenSIM LDA topic analyses
  • Performing sentiment analysis and entity extraction

For inquiries to conduct a specific algorithm from an open source library or one available to purchase, please email us with the specifics of your project and goals.

Data Dashboard and Visualization

With a data set and a dashboard design, we can implement a dashboard or exploration tool that presents the data set as specified.