Amplify your impact and simplify your research process with nexusSIM

Each project at nexusSIM begins with a conversation. After submitting an initial inquiry, you’ll meet with us for a consultation, so we can understand your desired outcomes and begin translating the work into the components. We will examine the scope and outputs before identifying and recruiting a talented team of developers. Based on the stage of the project, the timeline, the outputs, and the team, we compile a project proposal for you to review. Along the way, you’ll work collaboratively with the team, informing and guiding the process. Our staff will provide feedback and insights, as well as manage the developers and other aspects of the project.

We work with researchers who

  • are looking for cutting-edge methods of implementing and applying their work
  • are interested in collaborating with outside consultants to use computational resources for mission-based work
  • believe their research would lend itself to computational modeling and are seeking support to build the end product
  • have compiled an impressive data set or literature review and need a team to untangle the implications
  • know the fundamentals of computational methods and want expert insights to see the project through


Researchers are involved every step of the way, choosing and guiding the outputs. These computational methods are highly specialized, and the most appropriate solution will vary depending on the current stage of the project and desired outcomes. A single project may require one service, a series of services within the same process, or a mix of services.

Modeling & Simulation

  • Model specification
  • Building a model skeleton
  • Filling in the gaps in a model
  • Model verification
  • Iterative Development

Data Analytics

  • Correlational analysis, principal component analysis, and regression analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Simulation output analysis
  • Data dashboard and exploration tools

Custom Software Solutions

The best solution for your data entry or data collection process might be too complex to be reduced to a simple survey. We can create a customized solution with whatever specialized logic is needed to make the most efficient and pleasant workflow.

What's possible

Each project is unique to the goals of the researcher driving it. Here is a small sampling of what nexusSIM has accomplished and how we can take your research to the next level together.

Project spotlight: Social Consequences of Religion

As part of the Social Consequences of Religion (SCORE) project for the Center for Mind and Culture, we conducted a systematic and thematic analysis of published works on the subject of religion and cooperation. From detailed information about the lives and careers of over 13,000 researchers, our developers built a detailed map of the research communities who study human religion and biological cooperation. Only by employing powerful data science tools, like bibliometric analysis and machine learning, were we able to surface patterns, networks, and themes to help determine where the big outstanding questions, opportunities, misunderstandings, and research needs lie within the field.

What our clients say